Cash book Hospitality

Cash book Hospitality; Keeping a cash book was never this easy. It will take you a couple minutes a day!

Cash book Hospitality

Cash book Hospitality

Cash book

Every entrepreneur that works with cash money, is obliged to keep a decent cash book. The tax authorities oblige every entrepreneur who is active in the Hospitality industry to keep track of its income and expenditures. They also oblige a retention rate of seven years. In the Hospitality industry, the cash administration has to be updated on a daily basis. I can already hear you say: ‘I do not have time for that at all!’. And that is something we understand very well at That is why we, at, have developed an online cash book by and for entrepreneurs in the Hospitality industry!

Benefits of

  • Link with various online accounting packages such as Yuki, Exact Online and Twinfield

  • Link with various online cash register systems such as Untill and Lightspeed

  • Online cash book that meets the requirements of the tax authorities

  • Save up to 1,5 hours each day!

  • Anywhere and anytime acces to your online cash book

  • 24/7 insight in your current figures

Cash book Hospitality
Cash book Hospitality


After a busy day, you want nothing more than to sit on your couch and enjoy your well-deserved rest with a glass of wine. Unfortunately, after cleaning and closing you also have to keep a cash book. can help you with this! Thanks to the online cash book from you can say goodbye to your old paper cash book or to your complicated Excel-file which is very error-prone. The preparation and completion of a cash book has never been easier. The preparation of a cash book in takes only a few minutes a day and afterwards you can enjoy your well-deserved rest!

Different users

If you really do not feel like it, you can always have the cash book prepared by the staff. You can create different users, each with their own role. For example, your staff can only fill in the cash book, your accountant can only import the days to his accounting package. However you, as the owner, are the only one who can approve and/or change a daily count. This way you always have complete control over your own administration!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for a 7-day trial period below!

Cash book Hospitality