CSR Kassatellen

CSR Kassatellen;What is CSR? CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It means that companies (want to) carry responsibility for social problems such as air pollution, climate change, working conditions, and so on. Kassatellen.nl can help you with this. How? Read on!

CSR Kassatellen

CSR Kassatellen CSR Kassatellen


I can hear you say; How can Kassatellen.nl possibly help me to get involved in CSR? Well, it is really simple. Let me explain. Many entrepreneurs in the Hospitality industry still do their cash book on a paper book or on an Excel-sheet which they later print out. Besides it costing entrepreneurs money it is also really bad for the environment. For example, trees have to be cut down in order to produce paper. By simply switching to an online cash book, like Kassatellen.nl, you’re not only saving money, you are also engaged in CSR! Get rid of your paper cash book or Excel-file today and switch over to the online cash book of Kassatellen.nl! The online cash book of Kassatellen.nl takes a couple minutes to fill in. It is fast, easy and reduces your chances of incorrect bookings. A win-win situation for all involved parties, right?

Benefits Kassatellen.nl

  • Link Kassatellen.nl with various online accounting packages such as Yuki, Exact Online and Twinfield

  • Link Kassatellen.nl with various online cash register packages such as Untill and Lightspeed

  • Online cash book that meets the requirements of the Dutch tax authorities

  • Be CSR!

  • 24/7 insight into your current figures

  • Anytime and anywhere access to your online cash book

CSR Kassatellen

CSR Kassatellen


Kassatellen.nl offers an online cash book that you can easily fill in without too much training. Thanks to the integration possibilities we have with various accounting packages, it is possible to link the online cash book to these packages. With this integration you are able to send all your data to your accounting packages with one click. You can also link Kassatellen.nl with various cash register systems. Thanks to this integration, you can, for example, retrieve all your cash register data with one click and send them straight to your online cash book. In conclusion, these integrations save you a lot of time and there is no chance of making any mistakes because you import the data directly from your system! Filling in your cash book was never this easy. Kassatellen.nl is here to help every entrepreneur and make their lives easier.

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