VAT increase

VAT increase; On the 1st of Januari 2019 the Dutch low VAT rate will increase from 6% to 9%. This can also have consequences for you as an entrepreneur and for the prices of the products in your company. What do you have to do as an entrepreneur? How do you change your VAT rate in Kassatellen? Do you have to change the prices of your products as well? Curious? Read on!

How to change the VAT rate in

Within, changing your VAT rate is very simple. Before you change your VAT rate, I have to inform you that you must confirm all the days in 2018 before changing the rate. Otherwise all outstanding counts will be implemented with the adjusted VAT rate of 9%. No one wants to retroactively rectify every count one by one. That is simply too much work and unnecessary.

To adjust the VAT rate, you can also use our instruction. In chapter 1.3 VAT codes you can find how to change it. Click here to go to the instructions of

VAT increase

How to: adjust VAT rate in

  • Click on Settings of the left side and then click on Cash Register Setup

  • Scroll to chapter 3. VAT codes

  • Click on edit and then change behind 6%

  • Adjust 6% into 9% and click on save

  • You are ready for 2019! It is simple as that.

Prices in 2019

The increase in the VAT rate also affects your prices. The prices of products increase and so do your costs. In order to be able to maintain the same level of profit in 2019 due to the VAT increase, it is advised to also increase your prices with the difference. This is of course completely your own choice. It is not mandatory but wise if you want to keep your profit margins the same as before the VAT increase.

VAT increase

Benefits of

  • Link with various online accounting packages such as Yuki, Exact Online and Twinfield

  • Link with various online cash register systems such as Lightspeed and unTill

  • Cash book that meets the requirements of the Dutch tax authorities

  • Save up to 1,5 hours each day

  • Anytime and anywhere access to your cash book

  • 24/7 insight into your current figures