API linking

API linking; The dev-team of Kassatellen.nl does not sit stil! In the past few weeks we have been busy writing an API link, so that Kassatellen.nl can link with two new online accounting packages: Visma.net and UNIT4! We do not know exactly when it will be live, but when the time is right we will let everyone know. We are working hard to finish it as soon as possible!

Linking Kassatellen.nl

Besides that Kassatellen.nl offers a cash book, it also offers an API link for different online systems. Thanks to this API link you can link Kassatellen.nl with various online accounting packages such as Yuki, Exact Online and Twinfield. Soon you will also be able to link with Visma.net and UNIT4. Besides online accounting packages, you can also link Kassatellen.nl’s cash book with online cash register systems such as Lightspeed and unTill.

Thanks to these links, keeping your accounting up to date is much easier than before. With just a click of a button you can send your entire daily counting to your accounting package. Everything is automatically posted, if the correct ledger numbers have been entered in Kassatellen.nl. You can also retrieve all your cash register data with the touch of a button. This saves you a lot of time and you have zero to no chance of making any mistakes. We, at Kassatellen.nl, are there to make the lives of entrepreneurs in the Hospitality industry easier. We continue to do our best to offer the best possible service, as always!

API link

What is an API link?

Nowadays you hear the term API link more and more often (or not at all, but let’s keep it like the first part), but what exactly does it mean or stand for? API (in full Application Programming Interface) ensures that a system makes information available to other systems. If both systems make use of a link possibility, they can easily and securely exchange data with each other. Just like the online cash book from Kassatellen.nl with the below-mentioned packages. An API link is often developed by the software developer of the relevant system, for example our own dev-team!

API link

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