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Every company is obliged to keep a cash book. has developed
an online cash book that focuses on the Hospitality and Retail branch
and which is easy to use. Moreover, everything is safely stored
in the cloud, so you are assured that your data is
kept safe in our online cash book.


The online cash book of runs completely online. This means that you can create and view your cash book online from your laptop, tablet or smartphone anytime and anywhere you want. No paper cash book, no complicated Excel sheets and no offline programs needed. Every data is stored securely in the cloud.


The online cash book from can easily be linked to the accounting package of your accountant. This way he retrieves your cash book at the touch of a button, without errors, which is fast, save and easy.


With the online cash book of you can create multiple users for different roles. For example, as an owner, you can assign an employee who can prepare the cash book every day, but you as the owner can only view the entire online cash journal and approve or change daily counts. Your accountant can only retrieve the figures and has no insight in the cash book.


A company that uses cash as part of their company is obliged to keep a cash book for the tax authorities on a regular basis. For branches such as Food and Retail it is customary and strongly recommended to make up the cash book every day. Not only for the tax authorities, but also for themselves. You have a good overview of your various turnover groups and costs with the online cash book from
As an entrepreneur, you are obliged to keep the cash book for at least 7 years, a so-called fiscal retention obligation. If you choose to keep the cash book on paper, the probability that this will survive a period of 7 years is not very high. You can choose to keep your cash book in an excel sheet, but what happens if your computer crashes? What happens if you fall victim to a hacker? Or if you have unequally adjusted a formula in your cash book sheet and find out after a couple weeks or even worse months? Well, you probably understand the benefits of right away. stores the cash book in the Cloud and has a back-up at 2 different server locations. Not only do you have 24/7 access to the cash book, but it is also stored 100% securely in the cloud.
Do not see it as a cost but as an investment in a safer, easier and more efficient cash book in the cloud. We charge a monthly low fee for this service, but with you can easily save 30 minutes a day for the preparation of your cash register, which saves thousands of euros on an annual basis. In addition, there is a possibility to link the cash book directly with online accounting packages such as; Exact Online, Yuki, Twinfield and Visma E-accounting. This means that the administration is up-to-date at all times and you can act on time.
Sign up for a 7-day free trial of
To get the most out of these 7 days it is important to have the settings of the cash book right from the beginning. We have done everything possible to make setting up the online cash book as easy as possible, but a new software is always getting used to. If you cannot figure it out, you can find an instruction video on our YouTube channel or just click HERE. In this video we will explain you how you can set up within minutes. Still having trouble setting up? Do not hesitate and contact us via chat or plan an online demo HERE.
As many entrepreneurs can confirm, a cash register system is not always right and there can be cash differences. On the cash register system, a payment can be made as a card while cash has been given. Small groceries, payment from suppliers etc. is also not included in the cash book. It also happens that not everything is registered. When these cash differences increase, these costs can rise considerably. Only a cash register system is therefore not sufficient enough for a cash administration, even if it is directly linked to an online accounting package.
To realize this link, first you need to contact the team. This is because we have to make the link in our back-end with Lightspeed. When this link is up or realized, we categorize all products in the right categories. You can, of course, also decide in consultation with us which categories you want to have. This way you can split your turnover groups, so your accountant gets a detailed overview when he transfers it to your online accounting package. Exclusively to customers, no extra cost will be charged for this link. uses a so-called API link between the online cash book and the online accounting packages.
Step 1: Go to -> Settings
Step 2: Go to -> Links
Step 3: Click on the desired accounting package.

The way in which the connection can be made differs per accounting package;

Fill in the following fields;
Username: * Username you use to log in at Twinfield *
Password: * Password you use to log in at Twinfield *
Environment: * Environment/name of your accountant, most of the time this will be the accountants office name and for individual entrepreneurs their trade name *
Office code: * (optional): when there are multiple administrations present in Twinfield *

After this a new tab will open where you need to validate the link.

Step 1: Log in at Yuki
Step 2: Click DOMAIN at the top right corner
Step 3: Open desired administration by clicking on the name
Step 4: Click on the Web services (column on the left side)
Step 5: Pop up shows up with web services, if you did not get a pop up click on: “Generate again”
Step 6: Copy the codes below:
Access code (administration ID):
Access code (web service key):
Step 7: Enter these codes at

Exact Online:
Step 1: Open Exact Online environment
Step 2: Go to “administrations” (top left corner) and click on “all options”
Step 3: You will now get a list with all administrations + the codes
Step 4: Hoover over the “codes”, a link will appear at the bottom of your browser. this contains the division code of the administration. For example: DIVISION = 12332
Step 5: Copy the division code
Step 6: Enter this code at
Step 7: Click on “link with Exact” to validate the link

Yes, you can even use our iOS app when you are on a 7-day trial period. This way your staff can easily keep up the cash book. You will also receive a push message when the cash book is filled with today’s turnover and you can easily confirm it remotely. As soon as the count has been confirmed by you, it will be sent immediately to your accounting package. What else do you want? Download the iOS app HERE for free.