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  • Save time and money
  • Send the confirmed days in your cash book automatically to Twinfield


“This link continuously updates your book keeping. Automatically, 24 hours day, 7 days per week”


Detailed description

After you have kept your cash book for the day, it must also be entered into your accounting package. Retyping everything one by one or working with imports/exports is time-consuming and very error-prone. With this link, your cash book sends the confirmed days automatically to your accounting package with the touch of a button. This saves you a lot of time and protects you from making big mistakes.

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Linking with

In go to Settings > Linking and click on Twinfield. After that, it is a matter of filling in a few fields and you are done. is linked with Twinfield.

Fill in the following fields:
Username: *Username with which you log in at Twinfield*
Password: *Password with which you log in at Twinfield*
Environment: *Environment/name of you account, at the accountant often office name and at individual entrepreneurs’s trade name*
Office code: *(optional): when multiple administrations are present in Twinfield*


Benefits of

  • Transfer confirmed days to with the touch of a button
  • Save time and money
  • Make fewer mistakes thanks to the integration
  • Easy and quick installation


About us offers an online cash book, which is designed by and for entrepreneurs in the Hospitality and Retail sector. Thanks to the good cooperation we have with various online accounting and cash register software companies, it is possible to create a link that makes your life even easier.

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